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M B N Rao:  Former Chairman and Managing Director, Canara Bank & Indian Bank
“I have had the opportunity to avail the professional services and interact with Shri Arvind Hegde. He is highly innovative, very creative and has been able to rise up to our expectations and come out with very useful and innovative recommendations. Mr Arvind is very versatile and has been able to relate to the current needs of the financial services in dealing with expectation of customers and users of services and meet them effectively. I wish Shri Arvind and his team all the best in their new endeavour. “
Suresh J: Managing Director & CEO, Arvind Lifestyle Brands Limited
“I have worked with Arvind on a number of projects when he was heading  his earlier employer. We have always had excellent output from him in these projects and personally I can vouch for the commitment and passion with which Arvind takes up any project. He is also extremely knowledgeable in strategy processes and has the advantage of having worked in the structured strategy framework. Arvind is particularly strong in identifying the purpose of an organization and building strategy around that purpose. I wish Arvind all the very best in his new venture.”
G M Rao: Group Chairman – GMR

“Arvind has worked with us in the past during our milestone growth phases by anchoring major branding projects for us. He deployed his passion and expertise to serve our brand which played a key role in building GMR’s brand distinction.  He lead and anchored GMR identity creation work, Hyderabad and Delhi Airport branding, Delhi Daredevils, and GMR family constitutions branding  along with his team members.

His understanding of Infra sector and family businesses is very valuable to the leaders of the industry.

I wish him a great success in his new venture.”

Vija Rekhi
Vijay Rekhi: Chairman and Managing Director at Vizanar Alcobev and FMCG Advisors. Former President and Managing Director, United Spirits Ltd.
“Over the years, I have engaged and worked with many global branding and design agencies. Soon after Done and Partners was formed (post their  Ray+Keshavan | Brand Union days), we engaged them after an extensive vetting process. We have since worked with them extensively, to craft two new and exciting alcohol brands. Their brand positioning strategy is analytical and insightful while their design and communication is vibrant and creative. They work hard to understand a client’s requirements and do what’s right for their brand(s). Done and Partners is a blend of old world values with new age thinking – a rare combination in today’s consulting world”
Anmol Jain:  MD- Lumax Industries Limited
“I personally believe that an identity is like one’s shadow; it may hide from you at times but is almost always a part of you everywhere you go. (Arvind) and the Done team gave Lumax a fresh identity importantly along with our purpose, vision, values and impactful aftermarket branding. This new brand strategy, identity has beautifully captured our past, is true to our fundamental value system and the culture we follow. There were numerous challenges along the way, however the Done & Partners team was as professional as it can get in their conduct, and above all, always ready to patiently listen and understand our context. I have no hesitancy in saying that Arvind and them seemed like a part of the Lumax family itself and not just another consultant.”
Vaitheeswaran K: Founder AGAIN Beverages; also referred to as Father of E-commerce in India; Co-founder of India’s first e-commerce company; Co-founder of India’s first integrated retail company Fabmall
“Sundeep and I met Arvind when we had a broad concept in our mind for a new range of tasty and nutritious beverages. Arvind and the team at Done & Partners helped crystallise our thoughts and ideas and also brought in a structure and strategy to our discussions. This process orientation was the key to the final brand name – AGAIN – and the packaging that we decided upon to launch our beverages. The brand name and the packaging design have met with universal approval. One of the things that stood out for me personally while dealing with the Done and Partners team was their steadfast passion right through the engagement. The assignment went way beyond agreed timelines but we never saw their commitment falter at any stage”
Sunder Raju
Sunder Raju: Chairman Atria Group
“When someone gets under your skin to really understand what you as the client want and articulates it better than you can, you know they have delivered in spades. Done and Partners has DONE that for us.


Collaborating with the Atria Group on branding assignments in our healthcare and educational initiatives, Done and Partners’ work has really spanned the gamut – research, competition analysis, positioning strategy, naming, brand identity design and deployment.  They wear their passion on their sleeve and engaging with them invigorates everything around the brand. Thank you Done and Partners for the energy you bring to the job. We look forward to keeping the engagement going.”

Rakesh Bhartia: CEO, India Glycols, world’s only Green Petrochemical Company
“Arvind and his team worked extensively with us over the course of a year, helping us with our thought process in having a fresh look at our brand strategy and direction. Whilst the team’s rich experience was well documented, what really stood out was Arvind’s limitless passion for our organisation’s wellbeing. What set them apart is the deep business insight they brought to the table and the ability to extend a Brand Strategy to the larger business decision. This allied with integrity of the highest order makes them a pleasure to work with. Give them the keys to your organisation’s cupboard and rest easy in the knowledge that they will only do what is right for your business.”
Vighnesh Shahane: CEO, IDBI Federal Insurance
“I have known and worked with Arvind for almost 2 years now and yet to come across someone more passionate about what he does. His passion is contagious and he opened our eyes to a world we never thought existed. Matched with his commitment and work ethic… you have a potent cocktail for high performance…I wish Done & Partners and Arvind the best.”
Basant Rathore: CMO, Jagran Prakashan Limited, a listed media conglomerate, owns the world’s largest read newspaper Dainik Jagran
“In my experience of working with Arvind and his team, the best part has been their capacity to adapt and internalize situations very quickly. Ever sensitive to any project requirements, they’ve gone beyond the dotted line in the best interests of the project. Never have I felt a client-agency equation – it was always about one team working on one common mission. What they bring to the table is professionalism, a keen insight, and a fantastic output delivered with a lot of confidence. Importantly, they are willing to go the distance and handhold the way through implementation. They share the same passion for the brand even after the project is over and are always available for advise, guidance and a point of view. My best wishes for a team that’s as dynamic as it can get. And more than just that, they are great human beings beyond the professionals that they are. All the best once again.”
Dr.Nandagopal: former CEO of IndiaFirst life insurance, JV of Bank of Baroda, Oriental Bank of Commerce and Legal and General UK
“ I am happy to vouch for the credentials of Arvind and his team. When IndiaFirst was looking for an expert to develop the overall branding theme, Arvind and his team emerged as a natural choice. Working with them was a pleasure; they cracked the complex puzzle of combining the multiple elements mandatory in a highly regulated 3 way joint venture like IndiaFirst. They have a fine sense of the BFSI market and more importantly, keen insights into the end customers’ mind. No doubt, any Business Head would find dealing with them both immensely profitable and delightful.“
Arun Leslie George: Executive Vice President, Coromandel International Limited, Rs 8200 cr company, part of Murugappa Group
“Arvind and his team bring unmatched passion, expertise, commitment and purpose to each partnership. They inherit a great legacy and make a big difference by keeping the interest of the client over everything else.  I am sure they will succeed in all their endeavours and wish them the very best!”
Aju Jacob: Director, Synthite Industries Ltd (a 1100 crore company with global footprint)
“What started as a casual discussion became a long standing strong bond which finally resulted in entrusting him to derive a branding philosophy for Synthite. What has impressed me the most is Arvind’s outlook to business and the way it has to be ready  always to cater the challenging demands of tomorrow’s market.   Arvind makes the  difference with  his practical approach to business transformation.”
Veetika Deoras:  COO, Digital Vertical and Vice President, Brand Marketing and Corporate Communication, Tata Capital
“An outstanding consultant, Arvind’s passion for the aspirations of his clients is palpable and evident in everything from academic discussions to executional details. He has the ability to translate overarching, macro strategy into granular, micro reality. Arvind does this by slicing through layers of complexity to reach and address the crux of a challenge. The outcome is tangible and measurable and this focus on results clearly differentiates him from others in the industry.”
Jackbastian K. Nazareth: CDO, Puravankara Projects Limited
“To mention the fact that Arvind is an astute marketing professional would be stating the obvious, but the personal insight and enthusiasm that he brings to the table is where his niche lies. The commitment in deep-diving and truly understanding the business model and the industry is what sets Arvind and his team aside.  He has the ability to marry his recommendations to the organization’s values, stakeholders’ expectations and most importantly the rich history and tradition the company has imbibed over the years. It has been a joy to collaborate with Arvind’s logical and systematic approach and I wish him luck for the future.”